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Thank you for choosing RVM Finishing School as your learning Partner.

Our Moto is to make it easier for you to STUDY SMART so you can reach your educational goals and gets ahead in your career path.

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You must accept and agree to our terms and conditions as follows:
a. You must not sell or re-distribute the videos and documents thereof.
b. All the copyright(c)and other intellectual links, material own by RVM Finishing School Pvt. Ltd. are reserved .
c. You give company, the right to take legal action against you, if the copyright material provided by the institute is redistributed or re-sold by you in any form ( electronic or physical).

Placement & Certification Criteria

1. 75% of attendance for the program
2. Submission of Financial Model and Valuation Report
3. Submission of final Project & Assignments given during program
4.Completion of Program within 6 months of registration date
5.Clearing the Final Exam with minimum 65% of marks

Fee Criteria
1. Fee is valid for 6 months from the time of registration.
2.Fee is non Refundable once paid.
Any legal dispute will be settled in Hyderabad Jurisdiction
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