Professional Engineering in Insights and Data

Keeping in mind the huge demand and supply gap in data science, RVM Finishing Shcools commenced Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad, India. Moreover, data science is the most enthusiastic career of the century. The Data Science certification course at RVM Finishing School is tailored and curated to suit both non-technical/technical background students and put them at ease while learning.


Learn From the Most Advanced Expert Trainers

Course Modules

Induction in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning And Deep Learning
ML Libraries

Data Modelling with Machine Leraning
Model Testing and Performance
Feature engineering and feature Reduction Techniques

Data Modelling with Deep Learning
Model Performance
Model Boosting techniques

Data engineering with Big Data

Data PipeLining for ML/DL models

Model Deploymnet with AWS/Azure

Tools You'll Master

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The Most Advanced Professional Engineering in Insights and Data Program

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