Financial Modeling & Equity Valuation Online Regular Workshop

Start Date
10 January 2022

End Date
4 Feburary 2022

8:00PM -9:30 PM(IST)

INR 9000/-

How does the 60-Days FMEV (Financial Modeling Equity Valuation )
Workshop work?

Live Mentor led sessions online

Daily Class recording available to practice offline

Dive Deep into analyzing Annual Reports / 10 – K, Quarter Reports / 10- q, Management Presentations, Reading Earning Reports and Transcripts

Learn to spread financial data into Excel from SEC, Annual Reports, IMF, Bloomberg, FRED, Statista, and other financial websites

Analyze companies’ financial health using Ratios, Common Size Analysis, Comparative Analysis and understand the capital structure (WACC Calculation, Levered and Unlevered Beta Calculation, Ke using CAPM)

Deep Dive into forecasting financial statements using % Of Sales Method, M=Using Management View, Using Statical Methods

Get Inside into Revenue and Cost drivers including Product wise and Geographical Distribution

Create Equity Valuation profile using Net Asset Valuation, Comparable Valuation and Discounting of Cash Flows.

Get Inside into Valuation Reports and Target Price fixing using Price Normalization Method using Support and Resistance, 52 week high low techniques

The Weekend workshop is designed keeping in mind freshers & working professionals so that they can 
 learn & manage work together 
START DATE: 16 January 2022

Program Coverage

Day 1Introduction To Financial Modelling
Day 2Data Producers and Consumers – Data Sources & Collection
Day 3Financial Reporting
Day 4Financial Spreading- Building IS & BS In Excel
Day 5Financial Spreading- Cash Flow And Linking in Excel
Day 6Analysing the Financial Statements
Day 7Basics Of Financial Dashboard
Day 8Projections 1 – Setting Up Drivers
Day 9Projection 2 – IS & BS Projection
Day 10Projection 3 – CFS and Linking Statements
Day 11Valuation 1 – Types & Price Discovery
Day 12Valuation 2 – RV – Price Multiples
Day 13Valuation 3 – RV – EV Multiples
Day 14Valuation 4 – DCF & Sensitivity Analysis
Day 15Price Normalisation and Summary 

Doubts Clearing Session + Workshop participation certificate 

Learning Financial Modelling is not difficult at all.

Acquire the most in-demand prerequisites for Finance Professionals and master the core skills

Who can join FMEV Program?


CFA Program Aspirants

CA, CS & FRM Aspirants

Finance Working Professional

Join the 60-Days Financial Modelling Valuation Program for just RS 15,000/- Only


Get access to Pre-Learning videos of
Excel +PPT+Finance

Being a Financial Modeling Analyst you can read and analyze any company's Financial Statement effectively & forecast its future trends. This workshop helps you to develop a robust Financial Model using advanced Financial techniques from Industry Expert

ADD Financial Modelling & Valuation Analyst Certificate to your resume Yes! You will be certified by an Industry Expert which brings a lot of credibility to your CV.

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