growled meaning
09 August

Growled Meaning

Growled Meaning: Making a low sound Synonyms: Hurl, snarl, rumble, etc. Antonyms: Whisper, murmur, cheer, etc.   Example: 1) I get paid for my art, she said with a growl. …

belittle meaning
09 August

Belittle Meaning

Belittle Meaning: To regard as less impressive or important Synonyms: Reduce, diminished, denigrate, etc. Antonyms: Upgrade, magnify, praise, etc.   Example: 1) Even though Maya’s project idea was awful, I …

inevitable meaning
09 August

Inevitable Meaning

Inevitable Meaning: Impossible to avoid or prevent Synonyms: Unavoidable, unpreventable, certain, etc. Antonyms: Avoidable, preventable, uncertain, etc.   Example: 1) The accident was inevitable. 2) The days and nights and …

conscientious meaning
09 August

Conscientious Meaning

Conscientious Meaning: hard-working Synonyms: diligent, dedicated, laborious, etc. Antonyms: inattentive, neglectful, etc.   Example: 1) He was conscientious with regard to his duties as a teacher. 2) She studied conscientiously …

wilt meaning
09 August

Wilt Meaning

Wilt Meaning: wither or fall off Synonyms: sag, droop, flop, etc. Antonyms: bloom, expand, grow, etc.   Example: 1) If you don’t water the plants will probably wilt & die. …

dissuade meaning
09 August

Dissuade Meaning

Dissuade Meaning: to convince someone not to take a particular action Synonyms: discourage, prevent, deter, divert, etc. Antonyms: encourage, persuade, etc.   Example: 1) Doctors always try to dissuade people …

aggravate meaning
09 August

Aggravate Meaning

Aggravate Meaning: Making something worse or more serious Synonyms: Exasperate, infuriate, etc. Antonyms: Calm, alleviate, etc.   Example: 1) His bad food habits have aggravated his health. 2) The number …

mawkish meaning
09 August

Mawkish Meaning

Mawkish Meaning: Emotional Synonyms: Sentimental, maudlin, etc. Antonyms: Cool, dry, etc.   Example: 1) The movie lapses into mawkish sentimentality near the end. 2) The audience had tears in their …

replenish meaning
09 August

Replenish Meaning

Replenish Meaning: Fill up Synonyms: Refill, recharge, reload, etc. Antonyms: Empty, use up, etc.   Example: 1) After graduation we have to think about how to replenish funds. 2) The …

gyrate meaning
09 August

Gyrate Meaning

Gyrate Meaning: Circle Synonyms: Swirl, rotate, revolve, etc. Antonyms: Straight, etc. Example: 1) The kite which I flew gyrated in the sky and got stuck in the tree. 2) The …

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